The solar system moves like an algorithm - in a precise and predictable pattern.  Astrology is decoding this celestial language, and is an analytical tool that offers hard data which is interpreted by an astrologist.  This is the best approach for those mathematically, geometrically, or scientifically minded.  Astrology shows us a "screenshot" of the solar system which is then decoded into information pertaining to the question/situation at hand. I use Sidereal Astrology because it accurately reflects the positions of the celestial bodies.

A Natal Chart is a "screenshot" of the solar system when you were born.  This is your baseline "code" that you can "hack" in order to create the best/favorite version of yourself!  Your Natal Chart shows how you are "programmed" to be personally - such as the core of who you are, your emotional needs, how you communicate, relationship style, your drive, and much more!  It also shows how the outer-world influences you - such as personal philosophies, career, relationship with technology, dreams, changes, etc.

 A Full Natal Chart Analysis looks into 1) what constellation were each of the planets were in when you were born? 2) What "Houses" were each of the planets in when you were born? 3) What aspects (angle relationships) do these planets make with one another? and 4) What does it all mean?  This is offered as an 8-part video series, or a written report, and my recommended service for anyone new to astrology!

I also offer Natal Chart & Progressed Chart services where you can ask any specific questions about your Natal Chart and I will look into your code and provide the answer along with an explanation of the data points used to draw the conclusion.

A Progressed Chart shows your code's progression based off of how many degrees each planetary placement has moved since the time of your birth.  This chart shows how you have grown from your "base" natal coding, and points to where you are in time.  A Full Progressed Chart Analysis looks at where you are now compared to your birth coding, and can assist you in your continued evolution.  It is important to note that this chart is a living organism and continues to change as you age!

To understand how the celestial bodies are influencing us right now, a look into Astrological Transits is necessary!  This approach takes a "screenshot" of the solar system (right now) and superimposes this chart on top of either your Natal Chart or Progressed Chart (your choice).  The overlap of our current solar system on your personal chart gives a clear indication of what areas of life are in store for you!  I offer One Month Astro Forecasts to provide a look into the energies for the month ahead!

If you are interested in a relationship reading, there are two ways to approach astrology.  A Synastry Chart overlays both you and your partner's chart on top of each other to gauge needs, compatibility, communication styles, etc. and indicates where each other's planets reside in each other's charts.  A Synastry Chart is best when looking for strengths and weaknesses, how to balance each other etc.

The other approach is a Composite Chart - this method combines both charts into one chart, as if the relationship was a third-party entity.  This allows you to see the overall nature of the relationship, its purpose, legacy, etc.  This is best when looking for ways to ascend or grow in your relationship, or how transits may influence the relationship.  Looking into both the Synastry and the Composite Charts of your relationship will give you a complete and comprehensive view of your relationship.

Decode Yourself

Astrological Analysis



I offer an array of astrological, tarot, and counseling services to cater to your needs!  Read below to determine what is best for you!


You can book any service in my shop!

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Guided Healing Tarot

Emotional landscaping

As an empath, I am able to access your energetic field with your consent.  With the assistance of Tarot, Oracle, and Pokemon cards, I can feel my way through your emotional landscape to assist you in whatever goal you have.  This service is best for empaths, intuitives,  and those who resonate with a more energetic approach to finding solutions.

For example, I can determine where you are now, where you want to go...then work backward to find the best path to your goal!

For those of you that are interested in the days/months ahead, I can access your current energy and extrapolate the energy outward and see into the timeline you're on.

Tarot is an intuitive art where both the cards and I are a medium of psychic data.  

Pokémoncy is a divination modality that utilizes Pokémon cards, created by me and my Twin Flame, Ily (owner of Ribombee Reeds.) 

I am able to access any timeline or answer (almost) any question through the cards and my own psychic mediumship.  You choose the topic, and I tap in and assist getting you to your goal!


If you aren't sure where to start or what to ask, I offer General Energy Readings where I access your energy and see what pops up!  This assesses your energy and I give advice on how to access your highest vibrational timeline.


1-on-1 Spiritual Counseling

Live via Skype, Zoom, or IG

Sometimes we need personal support in a 1-on-1 session, and that's totally okay!  This service is whatever you need it to be: trauma counseling, learning how to manifest, relationship advice, protection rituals - even just needing a kind ear when you've had a bad day or a sounding board for a business idea you're trying to get off the ground!

As someone who has healed my own wounds, undergone immense personal transformation, and have found and followed my soul's calling, I can offer caring support (and advice, should you ask for it) without judgment.  I offer Unconditional Love to you on your journey as a Mama Phoenix.

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