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Mars In Scorpio (12/15-12/24) & Ophiuchus (12/25 - 1/19)

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

[I have decided to group together Mars’ transit through Scorpio and Ophiuchus together because the boundaries of these constellations differ depending on if you are using the IAU boundaries, midpoint method, or other. I use the IAU boundaries. Although, as you will read, Scorpio and Ophiuchus energies blend together harmoniously through Snake Spirit, with Ophiuchus as the snake-bearer, and Scorpio's 4th emanation of death-and-rebirth being the snake.]

Mars enters into constellation Scorpio 12/15, where it will transit until 12/24 (which is Christmas Eve for some cultures.)

Mars is a co-ruler of Scorpio and therefore is “home” within the constellation Scorpio (kind of like it’s second home, though.) However, Mars represents the instinctual aspect of Scorpio as its ruler – the one that takes immediate action and can be considered the “Scorpio sting” (whereas it’s main ruler Pluto is a slower-moving force that knows change happens over time). So, with Mars in Scorpio we can expect sudden changes, likened to “Tower Moments” (a tarot reference where a tower is stuck by lightning and everything comes crashing down – implemented by divine forces, of course. Tower Moments occur when you build a tower that is out of alignment with the greatest good, and the divine has to knock it down!)

Mars is the planet of action. When Mars is in Scorpio, our actions can become intense – on the light side this can be transformative and rid us of poison we taint ourselves or others with. On the shadow side, this can be a secretive, paranoid, or repeating-toxic-patterns transit.

When Mars is in Scorpio, there is a natural sense of wanting to see what is below the surface – when Mars was in Libra, things were kept “light” and the focus was taking action to keep things balanced and in harmony. Now that Mars is in Scorpio, our actions are focused on getting “deep” and going into the darkness. That said, Mars in Scorpio is a great time to do Shadow Work, or investigate a particular topic.

Mars is also the planet of anger and aggression – and Scorpio is known for its “sting” and vengeful/vindictive behavior. This is a time to be aware of your own triggers around anger, and be mindful how you channel your own aggression (and be weary of others who may try to take their aggression out on you!)

Scorpio is the sign that rules over our genitals and sexual energy. When Mars (the planet of sexual urges) is within Scorpio, it can be a very sexy time! This can be a great time to get “deeper” with yourself about what sexually satisfies you, or even explore some darker fantasies or sexual taboos that Scorpio represents. This can also be a time to notice any cycles regarding your own libido or sexual energy that you may want to break as well.

Scorpio Transits Can Take 7 Major Themes

As with any transit through Scorpio, there are multiple emanations of Scorpio that we can embody – and this is dependent on where we are in our own journey. Scorpio goes through a series of death and rebirths, which is why Scorpio represents our cycles.

1. Spider – if you are in a spider spirit stage of life, this transit will particularly highlight your fears, paranoias, selfishness, cruelty, and solitude. You may also begin to understand the webs you weave, and how everything is connected.

2. Scorpion – If you are in a scorpion spirit stage of life, this transit will particularly highlight self-sabotage, impulsive poison (of yourself or others), jealousy, and solitude.

3. Lizard – If you are in a lizard spirit stage of life, this transit will particularly highlight revenge, “cold-blooded” crimes, and sexual impulses. You may begin to notice the way energy is utilized, stored, reciprocated, transferred, etc. There may also be a “molting” period where you have to rest and your let your “skin” molt.

4. Snake – If you are in snake spirit stage in life, this transit will particularly highlight themes similar to those of lizard spirit. However, you will begin to notice that you can shed your skin of situations and continue to move on and grow. You will begin to utilize your energy more carefully and also be mindful of how/when/if you use your poison. There is also energy of welcoming in Ophiuchus here to transmute the poison of the snake venom into medicinal healing tinctures (transmutation of poison to healing.)

5. Wolf – If you are in the wolf spirit stage in life, this transit will particularly highlight your strength and protection. You begin to understand that you are not a “lone wolf” and instead work better in a “pack” – and focus on building/maintaining a home.

6. Eagle – If you are in the eagle spirit stage in life, this transit will particularly highlight your ability to see things from a higher perspective. You may develop detective-like sleuthing skills and have “eagle-eye” precision for hunting “truth.” This is also a time you may begin to commune with animal spirits or higher powers.

7. Phoenix – If you are in the phoenix spirit stage in life, this transit will particularly highligh