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Manifest Your Highest Vibrational Timeline


A Scorpio Phoenix Rising

I am a healer, tarot reader, astrologist, and spiritual guide that focuses on the alchemical power of the spirit to help you transform any blockage into energy you can utilize to manifest your highest vibrational timeline.

I use a mix of of astrology, tarot, intuitive guidance from my spirit team, and Pokémoncy to assist you with your spiritual needs. Pokémoncy is a divination modality that utilizes Pokémon cards, created by me and my Twin Flame, Ily (owner of Ribombee Reeds.)

I come from a background of the hard sciences: I have a Bachelors in Molecular Biology and a Concentration in Neuroscience.  I also worked in genetics, neuroscience, and material science in the corporate world until my spirit could no longer deny its higher calling into the spiritual realm.  I still tend to take a scientific and data-driven approach to all my work, energetic or otherwise.  Because of my background, I am continuously studying science, math, religion, ancient history, etc. in order to comprehend spiritual messages and communicate them in a way that makes sense to all.

I have lived many lives during this incarnation, dying and rebirthing from my own ashes over and over - but now, these alchemical fires are of my own intent. I have reached the shamanic potential of the Scorpionic journey as a true Phoenix Rising, and have a duty and soul mission to assist those in transmuting their energies as well.

I work with angelic frequencies, ancestral spirit guides, animal/insect totems, Elementals (dragons, unicorns, etc.), Source energy, and my & your Higher Self.  I look into the light and shadow of all energies to understand the full spectrum of being, and give guidance to balancing your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies.


I received a tarot reading from Sachi that was hands down, by far, the best I’ve ever had. Not only is her energy and sprit so comforting and calming, she makes you feel seen and not judged. Her reading is the most in depth I’ve experienced and she really explains everything so well, instead of being vague and leaving you confused or guessing. Above all, her intuition and ability to grasp the depths of the metaphysical are truly a gift. 

Kristel K.

Instagram: @SachiTheScorpio
Twitter: @SachiTheScorpio
YouTube: Sachi The Scorpio

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